All of us can think of a time when we were soothed, stirred, or swept away while contemplating the natural world. These magical moments are often mystical: we feel our oneness with the Sacred Earth and all its inhabitants — the trees, flowers, streams, fishes, wildlife, humans — the whole creation. For the month of July, we have curated a diverse selection of writings on the Sacred Earth which we hope will remind you of what you have experienced and open new doors for your spiritual encounters and practices.

To begin, we are sharing and encourage you to add your signature to the Earth Covenant as a sign of your intention to honor the Sacred Earth. This document began circulating in 1988 and was signed by more than two million people. It was later used in the development of the Earth Charter, a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century.

The Earth Covenant

We, the peoples of the Earth, rejoice in the beauty and wonder of the lands, skies, waters, and life in all its diversity. Earth is our home. We share it with all other living beings.

Yet we are rendering the Earth uninhabitable for the human community and for many species of life. Lands are becoming barren, skies fouled, waters poisoned. The cry of people whose land, livelihood and health are being destroyed is heard around the world. The Earth itself is calling us to awaken.

We and all living beings depend upon the Earth and upon one another for our common existence, well-being, and development. Our common future depends upon a reexamination of our most basic assumptions about humankind's relationship to the Earth. We must develop common principles and systems to shape this future in harmony with the Earth.

Governments alone cannot secure the environment. As citizens of the world, we accept responsibility in our personal, occupational and community lives, to protect the integrity of the Earth.

Principles and Commitments
In covenant with each other and on behalf of the whole earth community, we commit ourselves to the following principles and actions:

Relationship with the Earth: All Life is sacred. Each human being is a unique and integral part of the Earth's community of life and has a special responsibility to care for life in all its diverse forms.
Therefore, we will act and live in a way that preserves the natural life processes of the Earth and respects all species and their habitats. We will work to prevent ecological degradation.

Relationship with Each Other: Each human being has the right to a healthful environment and to access to the fruits of the Earth. Each also has a continual duty to work for the realization of these rights for present and future generations.

Therefore — concerned that every person have food, shelter, pure air, potable water, education, employment, and all that is necessary to enjoy the full measure of human rights — we will work for more equitable access to the Earth's resources.

Relationship Between Economic and Ecological Security: Since human life is rooted in the natural processes of the Earth, economic development, to be sustainable, must preserve the life-support systems of the Earth.

Therefore, we will use environmentally protective technologies and promote their availability to people in all parts of the Earth. When doubtful about the consequences of economic goals and technologies on the environment, we will allow an extra margin of protection for nature.

Governance and Ecological Security: The protection and enhancement of life on Earth demand adequate legislative, administrative and judicial systems at appropriate local, national, regional, and international levels. In order to be effective, these systems must be empowering, participatory, and based on openness of information.

Therefore, we will work for enactment of laws that protect the environment and promote their observance through educational, political and legal action. We shall advance policies of prevention rather than only reacting to ecological harm.

Declaring our partnership with one another and with our Earth, we give our word of honor to be faithful to the above commitments.


  1. Hello, Beauty
  2. The Ark-Builders
  3. Praying with Water
  4. The Dignity of the Earth
  5. Nature as Sacred
  6. Caring Ethic
  7. Diversity of Life
  8. The Mystery of Night
  9. Listening to Nature
  10. Sacred Elements
  11. Sacred Trees
  12. Daily Rambles
  13. Connection to Nature
  14. Modes of Divine Presence

  1. Peace of Nature
  2. Our Indivisibility with Life
  3. Evergreen Tree Spirit
  4. The Earth Lives Within Us
  5. A Place of Tremendous Majesty
  6. Identity of Its Own
  7. A Spring Equinox Ritual
  8. Give Up Control
  9. Mind and Mountains
  10. Rain as a Northwest Native
  11. Teaching in the Rain
  12. Stepping into Beauty
  13. Sacred Aboriginal Sites
  14. One Great Moment of Unity
  15. Spending Time with Nature
  16. Endangered Species
  17. Prayers for Our Planet