"A man in a boat began to bore a hole underneath his seat. When his fellow passengers asked him what he was doing, he answered, 'What do you care? Am I not boring under my own seat?' " This illustration from Leviticus Rabbah challenges us look at how our actions are affecting the lives of others. It is only one of the daily meditations based on the Jewish calendar cycle in this book. Rabbi Terry Bookman of Temple Beth Am in Miami, Florida, has designed these ten-minute spiritual workouts for those who are yearning for meaning in the midst of everyday life. He agrees with Rav Kook who once noted, "Holiness should be built on a foundation of the everyday and the mundane."

Whether shedding new light on self-esteem, miracles, faith, luck, boredom, or compassion, Rabbi Bookman challenges us to practice spirituality in all that we do, say, or think. It is salutary to realize how people from different religious traditions can all share in spiritual practices that bind them together as one. "When we share with others, their joy becomes ours," said Rabbi Abraham Twersky. Use this very special book well and then share it widely!

Try a Spiritual Practice on Compassion

Try a Spiritual Practice on Connections