Caitlin Matthews has written more than 21 books on the related subjects of spirituality, Celtic and Arthurian lore, and the Goddess. In this beautifully designed volume, she shares the ideas and ideals connected with the seasonal turning of the Celtic year. There are four periods: Samhain, the Winter Quarter, is a period for ancestral communion and introspection; Imbolc, the Spring Quarter, is associated with beginnings and primal innocence; Beltane, the Summer Quarter, is a period of creative and powerful expression; and Lughnasdh, the Autumn Quarter, is linked with maturity and consolidation. Each calendar day has its own entry drawn from nature, saints, characters and deities from Celtic myths, and a wide variety of material from bardic lore, animal wisdom, prophecies and riddles.

It is important to constantly seek fresh ways of connecting with the natural world, Matthew states: "As human beings, we are also part of the growth cycle of the planet, being nourished by the elements, by vegetation and animal life and, at the end of our cycle, in turn providing nourishment for those same elements, vegetation and animal life. As year succeeds year, each season provides new lessons, insights and opportunities for us to understand our role in the planetary web of life. One way of becoming more consciously aware and reconnected with this web of life is to celebrate the seasonal round and look for the opening of the magical gates of the year as day succeeds day." The Celtic Book of Days does just that with vigor and relish.