Here is an inspiring collection of one - two sentence gems from Karen Casey, a prolific writer and sought-after speaker for recovery and spirituality conferences. These daily thoughts are meant to jump-start our bringing peace into the world and into the lives of those we encounter — both relatives and strangers. The paperback is divided into six sections with material on such topics as developing a willingness to learn, making amends, letting go, surrendering our need to control, making loving choices, shifting perspectives, embracing change, living in the now, listening for God's wisdom, and accepting guidance.

Here are some of Casey's thoughts on the spiritual practice of kindness:

• "Only one person has to be kind for a relationship or situation to dramatically change. I will be kind today."

• "Kindness can be practiced until it becomes real. Acting as if we are kind is the way to strengthen our willingness to make kindness a reality today."

• "Being kind means speaking from the heart. If this is an unfamiliar practice, begin by thinking loving thoughts before speaking at all today."