The first Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rav Avraham Kook, stated, "The old must be made new, and the new must be made sacred." Rabbi Wayne Dosick has heeded that advice and spelled out what it means in this fine paperback. The author, who is an adjunct professor of Jewish Studies at the University of San Diego, believes that the hallmark of Judaism's coming third era (after Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism) is "the uniqueness of each human being, the sacredness of each human soul." In this call to action Dosick challenges synagogues "to reclaim and to renew the Jewish spiritual practices that can make us whole and holy."

In a section titled "Connecting with God," he focuses on the breath of God, Shechinah, meditation, ecstasy, and body and soul. Dosick then moves on to six chapters on Jewish tradition where he covers everything from the Sabbath to holidays and the use of gems as oracles. The final segment, "Connecting with the Universe," affirms the angel-respecting, earth-cherishing, mystical, ecumenical, and ethically active dimensions of Dosick's soul Judaism. This book lays bare the thumping and triumphant heart of Jewish renewal.