In this bold and adventuresome theological work, which was the winner of the 1993 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion, Elizabeth A. Johnson presents a re-conceptualization of God from the perspective of women's experience. The author, who is associate professor in the Department of Theology at Fordham University, uses the classical categories of Christian thought to frame her discussion of each of the persons of the Trinity.

All of this leads to the coinage of the divine title She Who Is to signify "the creative, relational power of being who enlivens, suffers with, sustains, and enfolds the universe. She Who Is points to holy mystery beyond all imagining who creates women as well as men to be imago Dei, the grammar of God's self-utterance and participants in her liberating care for this conflictual world and all its creatures."

Johnson's overview of the renewing, empowering, and gracing work of Spirit-Sophia is so deep and so broad that it is worth the price of the whole book. She Who Is opens up fresh ways of thinking and talking about God.