Marianne Williamson has been lecturing on metaphysics and spirituality since 1983. She is the spiritual leader of the Church of Today in Warren, Michigan, and the author of many books including Healing the Soul of America. She calls this work "one woman's musings on what I have seen beyond the veil of love."

Williamson is convinced that intimate relationships are our latest frontier. They speak to "our need for adventure, for meaning, for magic, and for deep and soulful connection with another." The author believes that we enter into a relationship not for mere procreation or protection but to nurture and nourish each other's souls. "The art of love is emotional midwifery," Williamson writes. And the end result is a new birth of consciousness, personal transformation, and a surrender of our sense of separateness.

What are some of the lineaments of enchanted love? Williamson discusses sharing our gifts, grace and forgiveness, partnership, removing the ghosts, ties that bind, bodies and soul, and when form changes (the end of relationships). The author also salutes artists of love who deepen and intensify their relationship in order to go further in their inner work.