Jordi is a goat herder who lives alone in a rugged, barren countryside. His life is devoid of beauty, enchantment, or magic. Water is a scarce commodity, and he has to climb all the way down to the river to collect it. One night there is a big storm and rain collects in a pool. Jordi peers into the water and sees a bright shining light. He imagines that a star has fallen into the pool; in the morning, he cannot see it and thinks the star has gone to sleep.

Overcome with joy, the shepherd decides to surround the pond with the star in it with beauty. He brings rocks, moss, a small quartz stone, little plants, and more quartz pebbles. In town, Jordi picks up seedlings for an apple tree, sunflowers, and roses. After a year of bringing one gift after another to the star, the pool has grown surrounded by rocks and plants of all types. Jordi has transformed the barren countryside and his devotion to the star has birthed in him a joy beyond measure: "Jordi could not understand how life had once seemed so sad and lonely to him, filled as it was with so many beautiful things to discover."

Jordi's Star is written by Alma Flor Ada and illustrated by Susan Gaber. This lovely children's book reads like an entrancing folk tale. The author states that the name Jordi is a popular name in Catalonia (Spain) where he is a patron saint. To celebrate Saint Jordi's feast day on April 23, friends greet one another with the traditional gift of a rose and a book. This folk tale shows how beauty enhances and enriches our lives especially when allied with faith and devotion. Families will enjoy this exceptional children's book together.