Indigenous peoples have long contended that they are able to talk with trees. There is no reason why 21st century men and women should not be able to stay in touch with trees and plants and other kin in the natural world. Jim Conroy (The Tree Whisperer) and Basia Alexander (The Chief Listener) have put together in one place research, techniques, and resources on touching, healing and communicating with these living beings. This spiritual perspective is similar to helping out someone in need of caring and compassion.

Conroy and Alexander make their case that trees are alive, creative, intelligent, and spirited. That is why we can receive messages from them, and they can hear what we are saying to them. Near the end of the book, Conroy shares some of the insights he has gathered as a Tree Whisperer:

• "Trees and plants don't get over stress factors easily and must manage their inner resources.
• It is possible to save a tree or plant in decline.
• Trees and plants are their goals.
• Trees and plants operate in community.
• Plants and trees tell the truth."

This is a book tailor-made for tree lovers, and it is filled with many fascinating facts and stories.