Homer is a cat who treasures silence and solitude. He lives in a quiet house with a quiet woman. While she is away, he feels peaceful and plays with yarn and feathers. But this paradise-like interlude is broken by a loud crash which sends him out into the street.

Homer begins his quest to find a quiet place to rest: it isn't the post office, the fire station, or an empty boxcar. Then much to his delight he enters the library and finds the quiet woman reading stories to children. It turns out to be the quiet place he is looking for — snuggled between books on a library bookcase. Now Homer is known as the Library Cat.

Reeve Lindbergh has written a very contemporary children's book. During the last year more and more people have pulled the plug on television and set aside other high tech toys in search of silence. They have flocked to monasteries or retreat centers seeking quiet and solitude. So plenty of people will understand and appreciate Homer's yearning for silence. We will recommend this children's picture book for kids who could use a little unplugged time.