According to the prolific Deepak Chopra, we are created to be completely loved and completely lovable for our whole lives. In this paperback he argues that the source of this bounty is our spiritual nature which enables us to rejoice in love as healing, renewing, inspiring, and able to bring us closer to God. Using illustrative material from the Vedic tradition, from the poetry of Rumi and Walt Whitman, and from the experiences of couples, Chopra outlines the seven stages of love — attraction, infatuation, courtship, intimacy, surrender, passion, and ecstasy.

The power of spirit is always available to combat the obstacles to love. Chopra skillfully reveals the spiritual unfolding which is part of a committed relationship where self-expression and sexuality are holy. Self-forgetfulness enables individuals to incarnate surrender and achieve the release of ecstasy. Deepak Chopra's The Path to Love mines the meanings in the spiritual nature of relationships.