This delightful and inspiring picture book is for children ages four and up. Author Karen Lynn Williams has constructed a story set in Haiti, a land of great beauty and staggering poverty. Facile, a young boy living in a rural area, recalls that when he was born his father planted a tree for him. He wants to do the same to mark the birth of his baby sister Lucia.

But Facile faces many obstacles to fulfilling this task. The first seed he plants is consumed by a goat; the second is washed away in a storm; and the third is destroyed by a scrub fire. Facile's heart is in the right place and a strong intention is always necessary when serving others. His determination is steeled when Lucia gets sick and is taken away to the city. Facile then comes up with his best idea yet on how he can present his "gift of hope" to his little sister.

Williams's experience of living and working in Haiti inspired this children's book. She includes a glossary of terms and a note about the importance of trees in this land where soil erosion is widespread. Linking Facile's gift to Lucia to the planting and protecting of trees gives Circles of Hope a double whammy of spiritual potency. Linda Saport's illustrations are very enchanting giving a dreamlike quality to the story.