Beatrice Bruteau is a founder of the Schola Contemplationis, a network community for contemplatives of all traditions throughout the United States and abroad. "The secret of the divine life is already within us," notes the author, "and needs only to be accepted and nurtured." This is the hub of radical optimism. Bruteau outlines some of the lineaments of this spiritual vision, which includes a life of leisure, stillness, and meditation. Her discussion of evil and at-one-ment with God is provocative. Bruteau concludes that the contemplative life is a search for truth, for greater meanings, and for deeper goodness. For her, contemplation does not just mean inwardness; it has to do with actively seeking the transformative healing of the world as well. Or as she puts it: "We get the kind of world we ourselves create by our faith. The only way to change the kind of world we experience is to change the kind of creative consciousness we have, the kind of faith we have. It is our faith that creates the world."