Hannah Arin holds a bachelor's degree in Religious Studies from Pitzer College and is a graduate of Jack Mountain Bushcraft School. She is currently an artist in residence at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado, where she's working on a book, Coming of Age in A Dying World. It includes poems about transitioning to adulthood with no assurance of a livable future, a novel about a visionary willow tree, and a poetic journal from time spent studying primitive living in the northern woods of Maine.

As a passionate poet, storyteller, and environmentalist, Hannah largely focuses her writing on the internal and external unfoldings of being raised during an era when so much earth-based knowledge of heart, head, and hands has been lost. She hopes that her work inspires folks to engage more deeply with the Spirit of the Earth in relation to self, land, and others, both human and non. Ultimately, she wants to build a school/community for people to live and learn about sustainable living, folk arts, and the role they play in relating to Spirit.