"An elder’s work is to synthesize wisdom from long life experience and formulate this into a legacy to bless future generations." Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, founder of the Sage-ing movement, gave this call to service which still rings true. Like elders of the past, today’s sages are wisdom-keepers entrusted with the responsibility to nurture the well being of our families and communities as well as to serve as leaders in restoring health and balance to our planet Earth.

In this e-course, we reflect on the meaning of "spiritual elder activism" from the point of view of tribal elders, spiritual leaders, and community activists whose lessons can open our paths of service today. Oren Lyons, Mother Teresa, William Martin, Marion Wright Edelman, Andrew Harvey, Joanna Macy, Drew Dellinger, and others will serve as our inspirations with their life stories of wisdom and spirit in action.

You will receive 12 emails — scheduled at a pace that you choose — each with an essay on a theme and some ways for you to put the lesson's ideas into practice. The e-course will also include audio and video clips and a recording of a teleconference that was held on October 24, 2017, during the first, live run of the course.

Robert C. (Bob) Atchley is Distinguished Professor of Gerontology (emeritus) from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, where he directed the renowned Scripps Gerontology Center for 24 years. His many published books include Social Forces and Aging, the first systematic statement of “positive aging,” looking at the positive aspects as well as challenges of growing older. Pat Hoertdoerfer is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister and curriculum developer who focuses in her workshops on spirituality and creativity. Partnering with other Sage-ing International leaders, she co-presented two popular S&P e-courses, "Living Your Legacy" and "Making Peace with Death and Dying."

As we ponder what qualities elders uniquely bring to opportunities of service, we discover how to reclaim the elders’ moral voices in our families and communities and in the public square. We bless the world with our gifts of service whether as mentors or mediators, stewards or activists. Join us to harvest and share your gifts of wisdom and spirit in action with the Spirituality & Practice worldwide community!

(4 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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