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Ministry and Spirituality Examines this vocation with all of its rewards and pitfalls.
Learning to Pray Wayne Muller on serving others as an act of devotion.
Dear God In its own light-hearted way, makes a good case for the spiritual benefits of service.
Living a Charmed Life Victoria Moran on restoring the lost art of chivalry to change the world one kind act at a time.
Operation Dumbo Drop An endearing message about the value of keeping one's word and the camaraderie that can grow out of doing something good during a very bad war.
The Way to God Teachings on God, soul, truth. faith, prayer, meditation and mantram.
Shooting Fish A fast-paced English comedy that sparkles thanks to the performance of Kate Beckinsale,
A Passion for the Possible Challenges Christians to imagine and work toward the creation of a better and more just society and world.
Kathleen A. Brehony in Ordinary Grace There is a ripple effect in helping another