Protestant spiritual practices are being rediscovered and reinvigorated in our times. Not too long ago, many members of Protestant denominations began to ask for more ways to express their spirituality than through Sunday morning worship, hymn singing, and bible study. To learn other practices, they turned to Catholic retreat centers, Buddhist meditation centers, Jungian psychology, New Age spiritual activities, and a variety of online courses. Today we see this desire for more spiritual practices also coming from those who have stayed in churches.

Here at Spirituality & Practice, we have offered many e-courses on classic Christian spiritual practices, including those grouped together as Benedictine, Celtic, Franciscan, Ignatian, and Quaker Spirituality. But until now we've missed another strand of spiritual expression: Protestant Spirituality.

This e-course will introduce practices used by the major Protestant traditions — Lutheran, Reformed, Anabaptist, Anglican, Puritan, Pietist, Methodist — as well as practices informed by common Protestant themes — Music, Pastoral Care, and Commitment to Social Justice. We'll learn Martin Luther's practice of the four-stranded garland. We'll look at different ways and times Protestants have prayed. We will see how the Puritans turned journal keeping and letting writing into spiritual practices. And we will explore how to set up our own "Holy Club" in the style of John and Charles Wesley. You will also be able to watch a recording of a one-hour Zoom session in which Joseph Driskill, our e-course leader, answers questions and elaborates on the themes of the e-course.

Driskill's book Protestant Spiritual Exercises: Theology History and Practice was one of the first to name the longing among contemporary Protestants for spiritual practices. He is Professor Emeritus of Christian Spirituality and Dean Emeritus of the Disciples Seminary Foundation at Pacific School of Religion. Driskill served as a parish minister and campus minister prior to completing his Ph.D. in Spirituality and Pastoral Care at the Graduate Theological Union. He has led students in exploring Protestant spiritualities, ethics and spiritual care, contemplative prayer, and the role of spirituality in pastoral care.

This e-course consists of 12 emails written by Joseph Driskill. As it is "On-Demand," you choose your own start date and frequency for delivery of the emails to your inbox. Join us to explore an often overlooked but definitely rich toolkit of Protestant spiritual practices!
(4 CEHs for chaplains available.)

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