"Advent is the season of the God-seeker. . . . May God help us to wake up to ourselves and in doing so, to move from ourselves toward him."
— Alfred Delp, Advent of the Heart, Seasonal Sermons and Prison Writings

It might be said that the spiritual journey is a series of consents, an accumulation of our Yes to God in big and small ways, day after day after day. Our practices, which start out as structures to encourage and assist our softening to Yes, over time become a way of life, a way of being in constant relationship with our Beloved. Then, like Fr. Alfred Delp, we might exclaim that "all of life is Advent," a time of quickened awakening to new possibilities and new experiences of quiet, joy-filled and expectant living.

This e-course for Advent uses Scripture and new teachings by Fr. Thomas Keating and other mystical writers to explore the great themes of this season as they inform and enrich the contemplative life. The retreat content is shared via emails; it was originally designed to be sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, beginning on the Friday before the First Sunday in Advent. Included are links to new audio recordings of Fr. Thomas.

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