Do you ever get a bad case of the blahs? The fourth century Christian monks had a name for this: acedia, a loss of stamina and resolve, a feeling of vulnerability and discouragement, the experience of being stuck. For the early Christians, there was a paradoxical edge to acedia: it signaled danger but it also was an opening for God's grace. This can be true for all of us.

The spiritual practices featured on this website are helpful when we find ourselves in a blah frame of mind. Beauty calls us out of habitual behavior. Yearning makes us want to break away from the status quo. Zeal brings out our passion for life. Enthusiasm gives us energy while countering apathy and boredom. Hope helps us develop patience and optimism. Wonder offsets indifference.

Recovery programs say that it takes three weeks (21 days) to break a habit or to start a new practice. We believe these activities work in tandem. So here is a 21-day program with a nugget of spiritual wisdom and a related practice suggestion to help you "Beat the Blahs."

(3 CEHs for Chaplains available.)

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