You can claim Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) for participation in a S&P E-Course if you are member of The Association of Professional Chaplains and/or the National Association of Catholic Chaplains. Members of the National Association of Jewish Chaplains and the American Association of Pastoral Counselors may also be able to claim CEHs for our programs.

Your receipt from Spirituality & Practice is your proof of taking the e-course; you are on your honor to do the e-course reading and practices and to participate in the Practice Circle (for "current" courses). S&P cannot monitor the Circles for your participation.

Association of Professional Chaplains

APC has determined that online learning offered by Spirituality & Practice can be counted by APC members toward their continuing education requirement. To determine the number of hours to record on their CE summary form, members/participants should use:
• 1 hour of participation = 1 hour of CE.

Further explanation of APC’s revised continuing education program is explained on the APC Web site in Frequently Asked Questions

National Association of Catholic Chaplains

According to NACC Standards and Procedures, members can claim 1 hour per each day of a retreat. Since the Spirituality & Practice programs are not all-day retreats, chaplains should use the general guideline of 1 hour per week of participation in determining Continuing Education Hours:
• Practicing Spirituality E-Courses (40 email programs): 6 CEHs

• Online Retreats: 1 CEH per week of the retreat

• 21-Day Programs: 3 CEHs

Please use this page to document the hours allowance and the receipt you received from Spirituality & Practice when you purchased the e-course or online retreat to document your participation.

Other Professions, Associations, etc.

At this time, we are not able to give CEUs for our online programs to social workers, psychologists, and other professional groups. If you feel that your association would be open to accepting CEUs from us, please email us with information on how we might arrange this. Thanks!