Christianity and the New Age

"At the heart of mainstream Christianity is the affirmation of pluralism and the universality of revelation. Such an affirmation must include the possibility that certain aspects of the new age movement reflect God's revelation for our time. Nevertheless, the rationalistic bias and suspicion of spirituality characteristic of many mainstream churches prevent their members from fully appreciating as well as creatively critiquing the insights of the new age movement.

"By their neglect of the spirituality of the new age movement, mainstream Christians may be turning their backs on one of the most active movements of God's Spirit today. At the very least, mainstream and liberal Christians are challenged to approach the new age movement with the same openness that has characterized their encounters with Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. An inclusive church with an open and discerning spirituality has the potential to become a place of dialogue and hospitality for thousands of unchurched new agers in our time."
Crystal & Cross: Christians and New Age in Creative Dialogue

An Aerobic Walking Prayer

"In my own morning spiritual disciplines, I often practice an aerobic walking prayer. While I have used a number of approaches, the following is one of the easiest. As I begin my walk, I simply notice the quality of my breathing and attempt to breathe deeply at a regular rate. After a few minutes, I change the focus of my breath. With each breath, I imagine healing light entering my body, permeating my mind and brain, neck and shoulders, heart and circulatory system, stomach, legs, and feet. As I exhale, I let go of any tension or stress I may be experiencing at the moment. When my mind wanders, I return to my focus on healing light without judgment or self-criticism. As I conclude my walk, I experience the healing light of God surrounding my body with energy and protection as I put on 'the whole armor of God.' "
God's Touch: Faith, Wellness, and the Healing Miracles of Jesus

Seeing God's Presence

"Anglican Archbishop William Temple once claimed that unless you saw God's presence in the rising sun, you would not be able to find God in the resurrection of the Son of Man. Today, I would add that unless you see God's presence in the transformation of food into energy or the healing of a wound, you will not see God in the saving of a soul! Our bodies are cathedrals and temples — like Notre Dame, Chartres, or Lourdes. Our embodiment is our invitation to seek and find God in the ordinary acts of life. Like other holy places, our bodies should be shrines where we expect to find God, whether in good health or in illness, youth or aging, birthing or dying. But, many of us, as we reflect on our bodily life, must confess that 'surely God was in this place but we did not know it.' "
Spirituality & Health, Health & Spirituality: A New Journey of Spirit Mind and Body

Judaism and Christianity: Creative Partners

"Like the prophets of the Hebrew tradition and the first Christian teachers, we imagine a spiritual reformation of Judaism and Christianity — a reformation in which these two religions become creative and supportive partners in addressing the personal and planetary spiritual needs of our times . . .

"We believe that God is our guide and partner in this journey toward wholeness and reformation. We also believe that the spiritual practices that enable us to respond creatively to the challenges and tragedies of life can bring wholeness to our everyday lives and to the planet."
Mending the World: Spiritual Hope for Ourselves and Our Planet, written with Lewis D. Solomon

Ways to Wholeness

"Today, progressive Christians and Jews need to look for the way to wholeness and healing in partnership with one another. Our historical and theological differences are eclipsed by our common spiritual tradition and commitments. While we affirm that 'the whole earth is full of [God's] glory' (Is. 6:3), we stand humbly before the infinity of the universe, the mystery of human life, and the God who transcends every spiritual image. We affirm that our own bodies, even at the cellular level, reflect this same beauty and wholeness. This universal aim at wholeness is the gentle force in the healing of every wound, the lifting of grief, and the strength to face chronic illness and adversity with hope and courage.

"Healing can occur in any circumstance, because God is the source of abundance and new life in all things. Even when no physical cure is possible, we can experience a peace that enables us to face life's most difficult challenges with a sense of hope and equanimity. When a cure is no longer sought, and death and disability are on the horizon, there is always the possibility of spiritual healing when we open ourselves to God's movements in our lives."
Walking in the Light: A Jewish-Christian Vision of Healing and Wholeness , written with Lewis D. Solomon

The Loving Adventure

"Weaving together faith and practice, progressive Judaism and Christianity provide tools for transformation and prescriptions for wholeness. These transformative religious practices join ancient wisdom and contemplation with contemporary global spirituality, and enable grieving persons to experience comfort, forgiveness, and hope for the future. They also provide spiritual healing when a physical cure is no longer possible. As progressive Jews and Christians, we can affirm life in the midst of death and strength amid vulnerability because we are always connected with the Loving Adventure from whom healing, companionship, and comfort emerge."
Finding Angels in Boulders: An Interfaith Discussion of Dying and Death, written with Lewis D. Solomon

Daily Use of Affirmations

"It is my belief that the use of faithful affirmations is the basis of the dynamic, relational, and holistic spirituality we need today. As Christians, we need more than once-a-week sermons and Bible studies to nurture our faith and service in a chaotic and challenging world. We need an easily learned, relevant, and accessible form of spiritual practice that gives life to every aspect of faith. We need a spiritual practice that unites tradition and innovation, theology and practice, silence and action. To be holistic, spiritual formation must address and transform the whole of a person's life — parenting, vocation, family, marriage, health, embodiment, and service. I believe that the daily use of affirmations of faith can renew our minds and transform our lives."
The Power of Affirmative Faith

The Growing Practice of Reiki

"The growing practice of reiki, among Christians and non-Christians alike, is opening up new possibilities for the healing partnership of medical professionals and persons of faith. While reiki is not exclusively Christian and is reputed to have its origins in ancient Buddhist healing practices, reiki's emphasis on our essential vocation as mediators of the divine energy of love and healing reflects the deepest insights of the Christian vision of God as a compassionate, personal, and loving energy field 'in whom we live, move, and have our being' (Acts 17:28)."
Reiki Healing Touch and the Way of Jesus, written with Katherine Gould Epperly