Five Hardest Questions in Fearless Dialogues

Question 1: Who Am I?

Question 2: Why Am I Here?

Question 3: What Is My Gift?

Question 4: How Does It Feel to Be a Problem?

Question 5: What Must I Do to Die a Good Death?

For each of the five questions we repeat this sequence:

1. The animator briefly frames a question.

2. A fearless speaker responds to the question for three minutes.

3. When the three minutes are up, the room will enter into thirty seconds of contemplative silence.

4. In this waiting moment, listeners absorb the shared wisdom and search internally for an honest, open question that might serve as a guide for the courageous speaker.

5. When the thirty seconds of silence are up, the four listeners will share their honest, open questions, and the speaker will receive these humble inquiries as gifts for the journey.

6. Finally, we give thanks for the speaker and the receptive listeners, and we move to the next question.

With the ground rules set, I pose one preliminary query before the Five Hardest Questions: “Are you scared? Don’t be. Your souls have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.”

Gregory C. Ellison II in Fear+Less Dialogues