Trained in the philosophy of religion and theology, Jay McDaniel specializes in Process Theology and Whiteheadian thought. He did his doctorate on Whitehead and Buddhism. From there, he broadened his interests to include all of the world’s religions.

McDaniel has written and lectured on religion and ecology, religion and interreligious dialogue, and spirituality in an age of consumerism He is currently researching how these myriad concerns might unfold in China, and has taken students to China several times through the China Project, which is based at the Center for Process Studies in Claremont, California.

McDaniel considers himself a "constructive theologian" and continues to teach at Hendrix College, encouraging students to find their own theological and spiritual voices.

Read For:

  • Rigorous but accessible theology with an emphasis on process theology and world religions
  • Criticism of superficiality and consumerism in religious practice, tempered with genuine respect for spirituality and mysticism
  • A holistic view of humanity’s role in the greater world