Becoming Heart's Ease by Megan McKenna infuses us with heartfulness and offers several ideas for easing others' pain and heartache.

Developing Empathy with the Small by His Holiness the Dalai Lama shares wisdom and a unique phrase that brings greater sensitivity to the pain and suffering of other sentient beings.

Let Doubt and Self Melt Away by Mahatma Gandhi gives us a litmus test for moments of doubt that puts it all in perspective.

Livelihood by Jean Smith inspires us to create a caring community wherever and however we make a living.

Living in Someone Else's Shoes by Bernie S. Siegel describes a visualization exercise that will shift your perspective on your life and others' circumstances.

Mind Your Relationships by Donald Altman calls us to imagine each person we meet as family.

Prayer from an Endangered Species by Bradford Keeney suggests that we imagine being and praying as if we are an endangered animal.

Road Rage by Taigen Daniel Leighton prompts us to assume the best of the drivers we encounter.

Seeing with Your Heart by Bradford Keeney points us down the path to heartful seeing and falling in love with the world.

Stand Planted in the Truth of Who You Are by Brenda Shoshanna offers advice for staying both perceptive and grounded in the face of a verbal attack.

Swap Your Worries by Bradford Keeney offers an inventive approach to gaining new perspective and aligning ourselves with God's will.

Switch Roles with Your Partner by Alan Epstein presents us with a way to increase love and understanding in our marriage or partnership.