• After Life
    In this Japanese film, a group of just dead men and women are ushered into a halfway house where, with the help of a counselor, they are to choose one memory to take into eternity. As this diverse group sifts reviews their lives, we see how happiness comes in moments — a train ride, a dance, a view out a window, a shower of cherry blossoms, the comfort of a mother's lap.
  • Been Rich All My Life
    The Silver Belles are five African-American women, 84 - 96 years of age, who have been happily performing in front of appreciative audiences at various entertainment venues from the Apollo Theatre in Harlem to Carnegie Hall for most of their lives. This charming documentary presents their love of dancing, their camaraderie, and their ability to weather the storms of life and particularly of old age.
  • Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who!
    This animated film, based on the beloved children's story, is a joyous and kind-hearted romp with Horton the caring elephant who is on a mission of mercy. When he discovers that the miniature town of Whoville and all its inhabitants are floating on a speck in the wind, he decides to find it a safe resting place. His happiness and enthusiasm sustain him through his quest, even when the situation looks bleak.
  • Hairspray
    Based on the 1988 screenplay by John Waters and the 2002 musical stage play, this is a jubilant, funny, and phantasmagorical movie music about an outsider who finds a way to fulfill her dreams. Plus-sized Tracy finds happiness in singing, dancing, being with her friends, and finally, by standing up for justice and equality.
  • Happy-Go-Lucky
    This British film is one of the best portraits of an enthusiastic person ever put on the screen. Poppy is a schoolteacher who simply delights in being. Her enthusiasm inspires most of the people around her, even as it irritates a few others. This film dwells on the empowering and infectious nature of genuine, persistent happiness.
  • Mr. North
    Based on a semi-autobiographical work by Thornton Wilder, this story focuses on a smart and sensitive young man who finds fulfillment in freeing others from unhappiness. It encourages us to turn our attentions to the art of healing, the choices involved in personal ethics, and the little virtues of life. By resisting the prevalent, often shortsighted attitudes of authorities in his town, Mr. North demonstrates how happiness can result from serving others.
  • Patch Adams
    Patch Adams is the true story of a Virginia medical student who breaks all the rules by daring to proclaim that the best medicine for patients is love, laughter, and play. Inspired by his own experience during a brief stint in a mental hospital, Patch discovers that joy and laughter often do as much or more to alleviate suffering than procedures and medication. He makes happiness the centerpiece of his medical calling.
  • Shrek 2
    Shrek and his new bride Fiona are set to live happily ever after, until they are invited to a fancy ball in their honor hosted by her parents; others in the kingdom have no idea that they are both ogres now. The movie's central point is that happiness has nothing to do with external beauty and everything to do with this couple's love for each other and their delight in being in their own skin.
  • Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
    This story examines the interconnected lives of five New Yorkers and the obstacles they face in the pursuit of happiness. The top-drawer screenplay is filled with many moments of subtlety and keen insights into human nature.
  • Travellers and Magicians
    The director of this film, shot in Bhutan, is a prominent lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. It's a wonderful exploration of the malady of unhappiness created by mind games. A government official from a remote village in the Himalayas embarks on a journey to America. His experiences along the way prove that to remain attached to an idea about the future is to miss the marvels that abound in the present moment.
  • Year of the Dog
    This is a comedy about a lonely young woman who follows her bliss and finds all she needs in the companionship of animals. After the death of her beloved dog, the main character, Peggy, struggles to connect with people, and discovers that her real happiness is found in fighting for and associating with animals.
  • Young@Heart
    This extraordinary documentary focuses on a senior citizen chorus that performs modern pop songs. Although their lives are full of challenges, including the deaths of one members of the troupe, they exude happiness as singing opens their hearts, provides them with fresh energy, and connects them with others.

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