• Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat discuss how laughter is good for the body and soul in In Praise of Laughing. They take lessons from a jollytologist, magazine publisher, bloopers, slapstick movies, making funny faces, and clowns.
  • Edward Hays describes a centuries-old Japanese ritual called Warailo which they use to greet the new year and to celebrate birthdays. It consists of three hearty belly laughs.
  • The Buddha went around bringing joy into people's lives. Pragito Dove, a spiritual teacher, has created a Laughter Meditation which has been very popular among meditation practitioners.
  • Tanmaya Honervogt presents easy and accessible Reiki self-treatments to restore energy and harmonize your life. Here is one on laughing as a morning practice.
  • Zen teacher Geri Larkin points to the friendliness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and shows how he uses the laughter in his teaching and in political negotiations.

More Spiritual Practices on Laughter