• Into Great Silence
    This extraordinary film takes us inside the Grand Chartreuse monastery in the French alps where we witness the daily activities of a the Carthusian monks who live there, members of the Catholic Church's most ascetic order. These men have dedicated their lives to God, to silence, and to solitude. The filmmaker waited 16 years for permission to film inside the monastery; he lived with the monks and shot the film by himself without a crew or artificial lights. This film, which both depicts and creates a contemplative experience, is bound to become a classic among spiritual people of every religion and seekers of all stripes.
  • I Am a Monk
    This fascinating documentary by Tom Myrdahl examines the life of Michael, a Buddhist monk from New England living in Thailand. Whether talking about walking meditation or the development of selflessness, Michael proves to be an articulate spokesperson for Buddhism.
  • The Cup
    When two young monks learn that the champion World Cup soccer game is going to be broadcast, they surprisingly get permission to watch it. The first feature film from Bhutan, this endearing drama is a playful parable about loving others and giving up one's attachments.
  • A Question of Faith
    At the core of this film, directed by Tim Disney based on a story by Rachel Ingalls, is the clash between spirituality and religion. After Brother Anselm has a mystical encounter with the angel Gabriel in a California monastery and turns into a pregnant woman, the monastery splits into two factions.
  • The Name of the Rose
    It is the fourteenth century, a time when the Christian Church is facing challenges to its authority. Two Franciscan monks arrive at a mountaintop Benedictine monastery to attend a theological debate on whether the Church should celebrate poverty or amass great wealth in the service of God.

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