• Anti-Racism Resources
    compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein
    This page offers parenting resources, videos, podcasts, films, books, and organizations, aimed primarily at white people who want to understand how to take action.
  • 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
    by Corinne Shutack
    From working to ensure that black educators are hired where black children are being taught to avoiding companies that use prison labor to listening without defensiveness to people of color, this list of ideas is full of ways for white people to deepen understanding and act for justice.
  • Should We Just Sweep Slavery under the Carpet?
    by Dhinil Patel
    As of May 2019, there was only one museum dedicated to the remembrance of slavery and its victims in the entire United States: the privately funded Whitney Plantation in Louisiana. Patel powerfully conveys the importance of continuing to tell this piece of history.
  • Standing up to anti-Asian racism
    by Zareen Kamal and Mary Zerkel
    Reports of anti-Asian attacks and harassment are once again on the rise—after being fueled earlier in the pandemic by xenophobic rhetoric by then President Trump. Today it’s as critical as ever that we do all that we can to stop it in its tracks.