• "When I asked her how she approached her cancer, she replied that the cancer gave her the possibility to see life and other people. 'My inner life is a workshop where pain and fear can turn into love for every single being who is suffering.' "
    — Christopher Titmuss in An Awakened Life
  • "Cultivation of tolerance, which leads to compassionate behavior, follows a precise pattern of development: (1) contemplating the faults of hate; (2) contemplating the benefits of tolerance; (3) preventing the cause of hate; (4) meditating on tolerating voluntary suffering; (5) meditating on tolerance grounded in the awareness of reality; and (6) meditating on the tolerance of nonretaliation."
    — Robert Thurman in Inner Revolution
  • "Equanimity doesn't mean keeping things even; it is the capacity to return to balance in the midst of an alert, responsive life. I don't want to be constantly calm. The cultural context I grew up in and the relational life I live in both call for passionate, engaged response. I laugh and I cry and I'm glad that I do. What I value is the capacity to be balanced between times."
    — Sylvia Boorstein in Don't Just Do Something, Sit There
  • "Aging, illness and death are treasures for those who understand them. They're Noble Truths, Noble Treasures."
    — Ajaan Lee in Living in the Light of Death by Larry Rosenberg, David Guy
  • "So meditation is not about ignoring, abandoning, or repressing your body electric, much less despising it or crushing it into submission. To practice well is to cherish the body and purify it, so that it turns into a vessel of enlightenment."
    — Patrick Ophuls in Buddha Takes No Prisoners
  • "We are at liberty to create fresh karma that leads toward either our progress or our downfall."
    — Mahasi Sayadaw in Good Karma by Joan Duncan Oliver
  • "Forgiveness is both a preparation and an end in spiritual life. To forgive we must face the pain and sorrow of our betrayal and disappointment, and discover the movement of the heart that opens to forgive in spite of it all."
    — Jack Kornfield in After the Ecstasy, The Laundry

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