One of the challenges in a new marriage is to come to terms with the many things we do not know about each other. Sometimes there are secrets that we do not want to share with our mate. Other things just never come up until they pop out and leave our new partner feeling awkward, as if in the presence of a complete stranger. Madeleine reveals that she is a diplomat's daughter and has lived in India, Africa and Washington, D.C. George's family lives in quite a different world; their lives orbit around a community and a Christian church. In fact, Madeleine's first clue that she and her husband are from different planets comes when the minister at the congregation asks George to " give us a hymn" at a church dinner. His sweet and buoyant rendition of "Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling" touches the hearts of everyone in the room, bringing tears to the eyes of his mother and others. Madeleine is stunned that the man she loves has a talent he never bothered to share with her,


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