After being betrayed by her first boyfriend, Katie (Marla Schaffel), a 25-year-old virgin, vows to make sure that the next man she falls in love with will be trustworthy and perfect in every way. Ben (Mitchell Whitfield), her best friend, hopes that their platonic relationship will evolve into something more sexually fulfilling. But he just doesn't turn her on, and she constantly sets him up with dates.

Katie's friend Janet (Meredith Scott Lynn) goes out with Ben and is so thrilled with his sexual prowess that she starts a relationship with him. Elizabeth (Nancy Sorel), another friend, announces her upcoming marriage. Under pressure, Katie goes out with Richard Webber (Michael Harris), a middle-aged composer and self-confessed Lothario who challenges her idealized view of love.

Written, directed, and edited by Julie Davis, I Love You, Don't Touch Me provides a clever comic survey of the dating scene and the complicated nature of sexual politics. Katie, who's really looking for emotional intimacy and the pleasure of sweet surrender, eventually finds what she needs right in front of her.