Sixteen-year-old Steven Carter (Ben Silverstone) is gay but has kept his sexual orientation under wraps. Neither his parents nor his peers in the middle-class English town where he lives know. Steven's only confidant is his sarcastic neighbor Linda (Charlotte Brittain). In one of his furtive trips to the park to meet another guy, Steven is surprised when a man indicating interest in the men's room turns out to be John Dixon (Brad Gorton), the school's most talented athlete, who is dating a model (Louise J. Taylor). Only trouble is that this Oxford-bound overachiever hasn't really come to terms with who he is. The start of their covert relationship is more than Steven ever dreamed of in his wildest fantasies.

This romantic comedy, smoothly directed by Simon Shore, is based on a stage play by Patrick Wilde. It vividly conveys the giddy joy Steven feels to be madly in love. Buoyed by this surge of confidence, he contributes an anonymous confession of his sexual orientation for publication in the school newspaper. After fending off the advances of Jessica (Stacy A. Hart), a classmate who wants a more sensitive boyfriend, Steven is ready to come out of the closet, no matter what the consequences. Get Real celebrates the right of every person to put forward his or her true self every day without reservation or hesitation.