"Religion," according to Alfred North Whitehead, "is a version of something that stands beyond, behind, and within the passing flux of things, something which is a remote possibility and yet the greatest of present facts; something that gives meaning to all that passes and yet eludes apprehension; something whose possession is the final good and yet is beyond reach; something which is the ultimate ideal and yet the hopeless quest." This two-cassette package hosted by Lew Ayres presents a fascinating look at Western Religions (103 minutes) and Eastern Religions (53 minutes) paying special attention to spiritual rituals and practices. Although there are concrete differences between these traditions, they all present basic truths about the universal yearning for love, meaning, and service of others.

The Western Religions tape examines the many facets of Judaism with its distinctive religious rituals and holidays. Here also is Christianity ranging from a Catholic mass to the social activism of Methodists and the zeal of charismatic worship services. The final segment covers Islam, the fastest-growing religion in the world.

The Eastern Religions tape looks at the many faces of Buddhism, the different paths to enlightenment in Hinduism, the fierce devotion of the Sikhs, and the gentle life-affirming vision of the Jains.