Steve Spurrier (Alan Rickman) runs a Parisian wine shop in 1976 that has attracted very few customers. Maurice (Denis Farina), his gregarious buddy, urges him to come up with a gimmick to turn things around. He promptly responds with an idea that will prove to the French that there is a diversity of wines made elsewhere in the world. In need of American wines to compete in a taste contest sponsored by his store, Spurrier heads off to the Napa-Sonoma area of California to scout for prospects.

Jim Barrett (Bill Pullman) runs a Napa winery called Chateau Montelena. He is a former attorney who is obsessed with making a perfect Chardonnay. He has put himself in debt to the bank so he can purchase the latest wine presses. He has a love/hate relationship with his son Bo (Chris Pine), a hedonist with a fondness for women and goofing around. When they argue, Jim and Bo usually burn off excess steam in their boxing ring.

Things perk up at the winery when Sam (Rachael Taylor), a pretty intern shows up and spreads her enthusiasm for viniculture around. She arouses the passions of both Bo and Gustavo (Freddy Rodriguez), who works for Jim and is a secret winemaker himself. Spurrier is surprised by the quality of the American wines he samples. But Jim thinks he's a snob. That leaves Bo to come up with a way for Chateau Montelena to enter the wine-tasting contest.

Bottle Shock is a delightful movie co-written and directed by Randall Miller who was at the helm of Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School. Both movies are character-driven dramas that explore the yearning that animates human beings to fulfill their heart's desire. Here we watch as three men stuck in ruts and unable to make the most of their talents meet and draw out the best in each other. This relaxed drama boasts superb performances by Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman, and Chris Pine.

Special DVD features include a commentary by Randall Miller, Jody Savin, Ross Schwartz, Lannette Pabon, Chris Pine, J. Todd Harris, Bill Pullman, and Eliza Dushku; "An Underdog's Journey: The Making of Bottle Shock"; "Chateau Montelena: One Winery's Search for Excellence"; deleted scenes; "It Was Just Sex"; "First Alternate"; "The Second Wine Scam"; and "Bo and Sam Make Love."