Ray (Pete Postlethwaite) is a lonely, middle-aged, working-class Englishman who lives in a flat with Steven (James Thornton), a young friend who shares his love for mountain climbing. During their leisure time, they scale the cliffs of Sheffield. When Ray is hired to illegally paint miles of massive electrical pylons along the Yorkshire Moors, his ragtag crew is ecstatic for the off-the-books, high-paying job. Only trouble, the assignment must be completed quickly.

Fate intervenes with the arrival of Gerry (Rachel Griffiths), an Australian backpacker who happens also to be a mountain climber. Ray hires her and soon falls under her spell. Their love relationship stuns Steven, who sees himself as a ladies' man. Ray romances the youthful Gerry by taking her to the places he loves the most. But the closer he gets to proposing marriage, the more uncomfortable she becomes.

Screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (The Full Monty) once again proves his knack for conveying the peculiar woes and pleasures of England's working-class males. Director Sam Miller makes the most of the visuals of the characters hanging from pylons against the beautiful backdrop of the green countryside. Among Giants offers a few new twists on the ancient theme that love always changes everything and, for that reason, is both exhilarating and scary.