Get ready for a wild ride with this zany comedy about the ups and downs of young love. This graphic novel adaptation has several things going for it: a likeable anti-hero, a set of funny and kooky characters, and style that weds comic book and video game antics. Welcome to the world of 22-year-old Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), an unemployed bass guitarist for a Toronto garage band called Sex Bob-omb. This nerdy guy always is able to spark conversation among his inner circle of family and friends. After being dumped by Envy Adams (Brie Larson), who is now fronting a successful band, he has taken up with a 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirl named Knives Chau (Ellen Wong). His gay roommate, Wallace (Kieran Culkin), is baffled; his critical sister (Anna Kendrick) is mortified; whereas his buddies in the band are curious and want more details about his relationship with her. The band's cynical drummer (Alison Pill) thinks Scott is crazy but then she's still fuming over being dumped by him years ago.

Although the protagonist is having fun with the adulation coming his way from Knives, he is bowled over at a party when he spots "the girl of his dreams," a newcomer named Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). At first, she seems to be out of reach, but Scott Pilgrim is willing to do almost anything to establish a romantic relationship with her. Imagine his surprise when he learns that admission into her life requires him to do battle with her seven demonic ex-es who want to eliminate him permanently from Ramona's life. Among their number are a muscle-bound film star (Chris Evans); a power-vegan stud (Brandon Routh); and a nefarious wheeler-dealer (Jason Schwartzman). Although far too much of the story is taken up with the boys' video-game like fights, this does not stamp out the story's ever-surging comic energy.

Director Edgar Wright keeps this spunky and playful movie spinning along with clever dialogue, a cast of consistently funny characters, several phantasmagorical battle-of-the-bands sequences, and some imaginative takes on the romantic quest for true love. Michael Cera carries Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on his skinny little shoulders but is given strong support by Culkin, Wong, and Winstead.

Special features include deleted and alternate scenes with commentary from director/producer/ cowriter Edgar Wright; Scott Pilgrim vs. The Bloopers; Feature Commentary with director/producer/co-writer Edgar Wright, cowriter Michael Bacall and Author Bryan Lee O'Malley; Technical Commentary with director/producer/cowriter Edgar Wright and director of photography Bill Pope; Cast Commentary with Michael Cera, Jason Schwartzman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ellen Wong and Brandon Routh; Cast Commentary with Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin, and Mark Webber; Behind-the-scenes photo galleries including Edgar Wright's photo blog; Trivia track; Galleries: Production photos, art galleries and marketing concepts; Insider Documentaries: "Making of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"; Music Featurette; "You Too Can Be Sex Bob-Omb"; Alternate Footage: A special look at alternative edits to the film; Pre-Production: A look inside the film's pre-production process including storyboards, pre-visualizations, animatics, motion capture tests, rehearsal footage, casting tapes, hair/make-up tests and more! "The Music of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" feature includes four music videos and video remixes from legendary DJ Osymyso. "Visual Effects" feature takes a second look at the movie's inventive visual effects. "Sound Work,: a mini documentary about the creation of the film's super-powered sonic landscape; Trailers & TV Spots from the theatrical release of the film; "Adult Swim": Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation; Scott Pilgrim vs. The Censors. Behind-the-Scenes Production Blogs from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by director/producer/co-writer Edgar Wright.