Those with a sense of humor who have wondered about the true identity of Deep Throat in the downfall of the 37th President of the United States will appreciate this low-cal satire directed by Andrew Fleming. Arlene (Michele Williams), a hero-worshipping teen, lives with her mother (Teri Garr) in the Watergate complex. After she and her best friend Betsy (Kirsten Dunst) accidentally bump into Gordon Liddy's (Harry Shearer) plumbers squad in the midst of their prank at the Democratic National Headquarters, they are spotted on a White House tour the next day. The paranoid President Nixon (Dan Hedaya) appoints them official walkers of his dog.

Suddenly the ditzy girls find themselves talking with Henry Kissinger (Saul Rubinek) about foreign affairs and serving as a catalyst for a U.S.-Soviet treaty by sharing dope-spiked cookies with the negotiators. But their biggest thrill comes when they tell their secrets to Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward (Will Ferrell) and Carl Bernstein (Bruce McCulloch), who are portrayed as self-centered and obnoxious cads. Arlene and Betsy's experiences do not turn them into radicals. But they begin to see a world that beckons beyond their high school existence.