Prajna Earth: Journey into Sacred Nature is the second in a trilogy of films by John Bush on the spiritual riches of certain special places that have drawn pilgrims and devotees to them. Prajna is a Sanskrit term that means radiant wisdom. We've reviewed two other films in the Yatra Trilogy: Dharma River and Vajra Sky Over Tibet. With narration by Sharon Stone, writer and director Bush takes us on a journey to Cambodia, Bali, and Java where Buddhism embraced Hinduism resulting in a deep and pervasive love and respect for nature.

You will be enchanted by the beauty of the art, the architecture, and the rituals and ceremonies performed by ordinary people. In Bali, there is no word for "art" yet everyone has a part to play in festivals, dance performances, and dramas. Creativity abounds everywhere and as a result both the inward and the external beauty of the people are revealed.

From a tour of Cambodia's Angkor Wat — the largest temple in the world — to the dancers in Bali working wonders with their hands, Bush captures it all with stunning photography and a Harmonic Chant score by David Hykes.

Special Features on the DVD include two viewing options: surround sound mix with narration, and unique ambient sound mix without narration. The DVD is also fully navigable by destination so you can create your own personal itinerary.