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Sweep love into your arms Sweep love into your arms
Everyday Tao Deng Ming-Dao on dance as part of the origins of Tao.
Burn the Floor All those who have thrilled to Riverdance and Lord of the Dance will want to experience this high-energy extravaganza.
Love, the Magician Offers great dancing and a gypsy view of love.
The Universal Appeal of Dance Quotes from Taoism, shamanism, African religions, Judaism, and Hafiz on the universal appeal of dance.
Let joy be unconfined Let joy be unconfined
Life is a ballet performance Life is a ballet performance
A Chorus Line-The Movie Vividly conveys the anxiety and hopefulness of dancers trying out for a Broadway musical.
Dance With Me A romantic drama that makes the most of the many fine dance sequences in the storyline.
Ginger & Fred Boasts an affecting performance by Giulietta Masina as one member of a dance team.