This beautiful and profound 51-minute video produced and directed by Randall Thorne illustrates an important aspect of Native American spirituality — the practice of listening. A mythical Lakota guide takes us on a three-day walk through the ancestral landscape of the Sioux Nation. He tells us: "All two-legged, four-legged, winged ones, and all things that live on Mother Earth live as relatives. To see that in our hearts is to understand our relationship with the Creator."

On day one, the milieu is the Badlands where the rocks tell the guide to "walk slowly and listen with a single ear." The wild horses convey to him that his spirit is free. On day two, in the Black Hills, the mountains speak of his unity with the earth and the sky. The trees, a stream, and the mountain pond assure him of his place in a world of beauty. And on day three, the prairie yields insights about breath and movement via its messengers — the wind, buffalo, and a butterfly.

Lakota Medicine Walk: Hearing One Voice reveals the reverence and attentiveness at the heart of spiritual practice in nature. It moves slowly so that we can savor the subtle sights and sounds all around us. The accompanying Native American flute music is mesmerizing in its simplicity. You will come away from this unique experience with a fresh appreciation for the natural world and its many spiritual messages.

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