Patrick was a fifth-century Christian who is now the patron saint of Ireland. At age 16, he was kidnapped from his home in Britain by Irish pirates and enslaved in western Ireland. After six years in captivity tending sheep, Patrick escaped and returned home. He studied and became a priest. During this period, Patrick heard the Irish people calling to him: "Come back and walk with us once more." His unusual return to the place where he was oppressed is part and parcel of what made him a saint.

David Tennant directs this 46-minute portrait of Patrick's life and ministry. In various dramatic vignettes, Nicholas McCarthy plays Patrick, the wandering bishop. Two Irish experts are on hand to discuss his role in Irish history — Father Fahey and Michael Slavin, author of The Book of Tara. There are also contemporary scenes of the emerald isle and rituals being performed in honor of Patrick. Viewers are treated to quotes from the Apostle of Ireland taken from his confessions.

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