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St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland A portrait of this fifth-century Christian's life and ministry.
You Will Be My Witnesses Tributes to saints, prophets, and martyrs whose little way of nonviolence, love, and service is a light for us all.
Santitos: Esperanza's Box of Saints A phantasmagorical Mexican drama that brings to mind the magic, the lyricism, and the comedy of Like Water for Chocolate.
A Passion for Life A salute to 30 saints who have challenged us to incarnate the imperatives of justice and compassionate service.
Edith Stein Philosophy and writings of a Jewish convert to Catholicism who was canonized in 1998.
Things Seen and Unseen Lawrence S. Cunningham on the saints.
The Bride Twenty-seven profiles of radical friends of God.
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Matthew Fox A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Matthew Fox, a passionate advocate of Creation Spirituality, speaker and workshop leader.