Documentary filmmaker Alan Govenar spent four years talking to 60 people around the world about the meanings, feelings, stories, and dreams associated with their homes. about their homes. Here are some of the varied responses of rural folk, suburbanites, college students, homeless people, and rich individuals. Their stories reveal how our sense of home is changing, partly due to the pandemic but also due to economic inequality.

The people interviewed in this film encouraged us to think about our own sense of home:

  • Home comes alive in our memories and we are grateful for the nurturing we receive there.
  • Home is a place where family rituals make us feel special.
  • Home is a place where we hear the stories of our parents and other relatives, accounts that have defined us.
  • Home challenges us to make peace rather than war with those closest to us. And as we open our doors, we also learn how to open our hearts to strangers.

Perhaps the two most surprising messages of this documentary are its positive portrait of homeless people and the boredom of youth confined to home as a result of Covid lockdown.