In the muddled world of sexual politics, young men and women move without compasses. They cross boundaries, experiment, and square off with challenges other generations never considered. Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy covers this tricky turf where volatile emotions such as lust, fear, jealousy, and control are given free rein.

Lifelong buddies Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards are the creators of the cult hit comic book "Bluntman and Chronic." However, their friendship is put in jeopardy when Holden becomes infatuated with Alyssa Jones, another comic book artist. When he finds out that she is a lesbian, they decide to be best friends. When they later become lovers, their values and perspective on life are tested.

Chasing Amy is propelled by the edgy and engaging performances of Ben Affleck as Holden and Joey Lauren Adams as Alyssa. Sexual adventurism has its exhilarations but as this drama reveals, respect is what everyone really wants in a love relationship.