Captain Kirk, engineer Scotty, and Chekhov are the honored guests aboard the maiden voyage of a new Enterprise. Things are proceeding smoothly until the craft comes upon two cargo ships which are destroyed by a ribbon of electronic energy. Kirk disappears — and is presumed dead — when he tries to save the Enterprise from the same fate.

It falls into the capable hands of the 24th century's Captain Picard to come to grips with Dr. Soran, a scientist who is obsessed with entering the ribbon since it offers access to eternal life in the fantasyland of Nexus. Aligned with the nefarious Klingons, he will destroy planets and countless people to achieve his goal.

Star Trek Generation brings the cast of the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation to the screen with panache. Although Patrick Stewart is awesome as the courageous and imaginative Captain Picard, Brent Spiner nearly steals the movie as Data, an android who is unhinged after having an emotion chip added to his circuitry.

For years now, the Star Trek saga has mixed sci-fi thrills with sober morality play themes. This film, directed by David Carson, does the same. The best sequence throws Captains Kirk and Picard together in Nexus where they sort out their innermost feelings about love and work. These heroes, lamenting their losses, band together in a mutual pact which takes them out of bliss into the world of responsible action. Star Trek Generations keeps the spirit of this popular series alive and well.