Eric Rohmer's Rendezvous in Paris consists of three enchanting vignettes on the tricky role of coincidence in romantic relationships. This gifted French director has created a unique niche for himself in screen history with his exquisite and nuanced explorations of the nature of love.

In the first tale, a young woman's (Clara Bellar) lost wallet is the key to her discovery that her boyfriend (Antoine Basler) is cheating on her.

In the second exploration of chance in affairs of the heart, a vivacious woman (Aurore Rauscher) who wants to leave her fiance secretly meets with another man (Serge Renko) at various scenic spots around Paris. Although he's madly in love with her, she has her own agenda for their relationship.

In the final tale, a painter (Michael Kraft) ditches a beautiful Swedish woman (Veronika Johansson) for a brief encounter with a married woman (Benedicte Loyen) who sees him more clearly than he sees himself.

Rendezvous in Paris is filled with telling moments which capture and convey the ardor, pain, deception, lust, and loss of romantic love.