Here is a pleasant remake of a 1954 romantic comedy. Sydney Pollack directs this buoyant fairy tale about love and transformation.

Julia Ormond lights up the screen as Sabrina, a chauffeur's daughter who lives on the Larrabee estate on Long Island. In order to defuse her infatuation with David Larrabee (Greg Kinnear), the family playboy, her father (John Wood) sends her off to Paris where she picks up some class and polish while working as a photographer's assistant for "Vogue" magazine.

Upon her return, David is smitten with the new Sabrina despite his engagement to a tycoon's daughter. In order to save a billion dollar merger, Linus Larrabee (Harrison Ford), David's older wheeler-dealer brother, sets out to divert Sabrina. But in the process, he learns a thing or two about love, living in the moment, and play.