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Amazing Grace An unearthed and restored musical time capsule showcasing a legendary artist in her prime.
The Interpreter A tense thriller which salutes openness and respect for life as antidotes to the use of violence to deal with the uncertainty of our times.
Sabrina A buoyant adult fairy tale about love and transformation.
The Firm A first-class thriller and thought-provoking morality play.
Havana An old-fashioned and bittersweet tale about romance.
Out of Africa A lyrical and meditative movie about a strong-willed woman and the place she loves.
Tootsie A rousing comedy set in New York City that deals with the agonies and ecstasies of the acting profession, the confusion of sexual roles, and the importance of lovers being friends.
The Electric Horseman An ode to individualism with a cowboy who makes a stand against a corporation and a New York reporter who deems her career to be the most important thing in her life.
Three Days of the Condor A thriller for thinkers probing covert activities within the CIA.
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? A riveting parable about America during the Depression.