This very satisfying and engaging drama revolves around the Taipai household of master chef Chu, a widower who lives with his three adult daughters.

He has made quite a reputation for himself with his culinary masterpieces, but he has a hard time expressing his feelings. Hence, his daughters — a schoolteacher, an airline executive, and an employee in a fast food eatery — have been experimenting with different recipes for love. Each is convinced she will be the first to leave home and establish an independent life.

Eat Drink Man Woman reveals Taiwanese director Ang Lee's penchant for dealing with the interesting ways children and parents react to the shifting dynamics of family life. There is a natural rhythm to this film which will make it a favorite among moviegoers who are connoisseurs of well-told tales. And the superb interweaving of the motifs of food and the search for love bring to mind the delights of Like Water For Chocolate.