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Life of Pi A visually stunning and powerful drama that teaches us much about faith.
Taking Woodstock A colorful glimpse of the magic of Woodstock viewed through the life of an up-tight young man, a great caretaker unable to treat himself kindly.
Lust, Caution A compelling espionage thriller that reveals the untold dangers and depths of role-playing and sexual intimacy.
Brokeback Mountain A pitch perfect drama about the heartache of two Western cowboys whose love for each other can only be expressed in secret.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon A wonderful resource for all lovers of film.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon A high flying, totally engaging, Chinese language drama containing the most amazing martial arts scenes ever put on film and a spiritual hero to boot!
Ride with the Devil This rip-roaring adventure story presents a little known slice of Civil War history.
Sense and Sensibility An enchanting screen interpretation of Jane Austen's first novel.
Pushing Hands Depicts the difficulties a tai chi master has in adapting to the consumer culture of America.
Eat Drink Man Woman A superb interweaving of the motifs of food and the search for love